Tales of the Hunting Brotherhood

Day Four: Our Journey West to Encounter the Bandits

Day Four: Our Journey West to Encounter the Bandits

Kethos, Boldar, and myself woke in the morning refreshed from our rest. We went downstairs and found Gro’mak and a Satyr that we soon discussed to be Puck. He looked just the same, at least the image of his face, but his body had hooves and fur that brought much surprise. Nonetheless, our goal today remained the same. We were to set off to defeat the scoundrels that are robbing my new Brothers of their trade.

We started out with no deviation of travel, but had found an obvious member of the bandits. Gro’mak assured us that he could handle it. An arrow, with such a length could bind three men together, was fired from his greatbow, and struck the man in his head. The crack of the impact shook us all, and the man fell without a sound. Kethos let Gro’mak know that this kill might not have been necessary, and he wished to talk to the bandits if at all possible. The broken translation of Kethos to Puck, Puck to Gro’mak seemed to have no effect on the orc’s attitude, perhaps something lost in the translation. He shrugged, and we continued into their minor fortress.

It seemed as if no one was manning the entrance, and found ourselves at the face of a dark cave, which had a guard towards the front, who had spotted us immediately and ran inside to warn whomever might be inside. We took to the cave, and awaited two warriors who could no see us, but a few of us could see them. Gro’mak line up yet another effective shot, and impaled yet another head with a tree branch of an arrow. The other screamed in terror and ran into the cave to group every one of their members.

Puck stopped the man by heating his armor so vigorously that it brought him down in burning agony. We searched the rooms before another encounter, and found our where the rest of the members were waiting. We assessed the situation and continued effectively inward. Puck and I interrogated a young man that we managed to bring to surrender, later bringing him to a more righteous path. The last of the bandits were slain, and we managed to disarm a woman who hand her own sort of magic she attempted briefly to use against us. We took her implement, and proceeded to take her as another prisoner to the Brotherhood.

Puck has an incessant desire to bed himself with any woman who is felled by his charm. This woman saw through him. I spoke with her about what type of sorcery she was attempting to conquer, but all she told me was that it was a magic that is deemed unsavory by her peers. Not much more was said before she vanished into thin air, leaving nothing behind but a ring with a cracked gem lain inside it. We were unable to follow where she might’ve gone.

This is the last of the events laden to us on this day. We take camp tonight in an abandoned encampment of carts and boxes.



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