Tales of the Hunting Brotherhood

Day One: My Arrival at Greenwater

Day One: Arrival at Greenwater

I have finally arrived at this quaint town here in the middle of a swamp land. My endeavors for adventure and exotic ingredients have brought me to these mostly friendly folk. Already, I have heard Tales of the recruitment occurring within the Hunting Brotherhood. They seek to entroop fellow residents to finish moderate tasks around the area.

My first night I had wandered into the Inn, and had been charmed by the muse of a lyrical Half-Elf. He played the most delightful tunes in exchange for the meager brew that the keeper had offered him. I feel I may gain his trust through my own specialties. He seems to be the kin to appreciate the craft of an ale over the quantity.

My first article was also to seek some stalwart member of the town to accompany me with my hunt. I had encountered Kethos Felfyre, a Tiefling who bore a shield and hammer. He is also not from this land, which hopefully we can discuss in further detail. I appreciate the tales of the outer lands that I have yet to journey. He felt he would be able to escort me, since this town felt rather droll to him. He also felt that I could use a guard. Seemed fair enough. I also gained the accompaniment of a Goliath by the name of Boldar. He seemed as excited as stone to journey with us to any sort of fight. His strength may prove useful as well, but I do fear his brutality may get in the way of clear thought and vision. Time will tell.

I then turned to the musician for enlightenment of the area. I learned his name was Puck Hoofdancer, and his Orkish friend Gro’mak, who I cannot understand, nor, do I fear, that he could understand me. They were also looking to join the Hunting Brotherhood, thus continuing their ever reaching journey about the realm.

Now that there was a common goal established, we boarded in for the night, and decided to continue our questioning at the Hunting Brotherhood in the morn.



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