Tales of the Hunting Brotherhood

Day Three: Our Journey and Initiation into the Brotherhood

Day Three: Our Journey and Initiation into the Brotherhood

Our short trek home faced no opposition. We went directly to the brotherhood administrator to present him with our success. We were introduced to Vandal, the man in charge of rewarding bounties after completion. We were awarded with a brooch that symbolized being part of the Hunting Brotherhood. This will surely prove our valor and bravery, as well as our kindhearted spirits to others questioning our motives. We were told where to seek new assignments, so we may further our role in among the Brotherhood.

We searched the board and found but two bounties that required attention. One was to seek out bandits to the west along the path to Breaktop Mountain, and the other to approach the lizard folk with a treaty. We feared with our recent encounter with them, this would be best suited by another group of diplomats. Apart from myself, perhaps Puck as well, none of us would be able to give such kinship towards them as to enact a treaty. Since this was well spoken between us, we assumed the best route would be to defeat the bandits instead.

The night was spent at the inn, where Gro’mak and Puck once again became the life of the night. I also approached the two with my own brew that I made at the inn that night with my miniature brewery. Gro’mak seemed to like that it was alcohol, and Puck had a bit more to say. I gave the innkeeper a taste as well, and I can say with much excitement that I have a new form of distribution of Wakefield Ale.

As the muse played a fair tune, and Gro’mak attempted to converse with the people of Greenwater. I cannot understand why he would bring himself to such humility. No one here seems to understand his plight nor his tongue that even Puck barely understands. May we soon find a way to discuss our tales, and bring forth a new bond of friendship.



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