Tales of the Hunting Brotherhood

Day Two: Our Encounter with the Brotherhood

Day Two: Our Encounter with the Brotherhood

We woke in the morning, most of us refreshed. Puck and Gro’mak seem to enjoy the night more than most beings. I enjoy the life of the party, but I cannot tell how often they may be doing this.

We gathered and headed off the the building that is administrated by the Hunting Brotherhood. We met with Grindall, a man with a specific role to assign newcomers to the guild with initiation tasks. He gave us the task of seeking out the dreaded entity that was waylaying caravans sent in and our of Greenwater.

We set our adventure towards the north, where we found each others strengths and weaknesses. Our Orc is indeed a skilled hunter. It did not take him long to find a trace of something notable. Furthermore, with the help of Boldar, they seemed to put us on track of a fight. We soon found ourselves in an area of hostile lizard folk. I do see a future in this group, as long as we can stay on the same page.

It did not take us long to realize that these creatures were not responsible for diverting the caravans. We found marks on the carts that were rotting in the marsh that proved indeed that a much larger monstrosity was at work. We found ourselves moving forth tracking something much more adverse. The creature was a troll laden in the swamp. I cast it in flames, as the rest of the of our troop brought the beast to its end. Our orc decided part of it was somehow worth taking. I imagined it may be worth bringing proof of our discovery and departure of the creature, but I did not expect it to come with us in such a manner. I will not suffer the details of my recollection, but know it may not have been necessary.

Before I fall into dreams for the night, I caught myself pondering even more what we may accomplish. This task was effortless, and I believe we may become a formidable opposition to any threat that may discover my new found friends.



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