James Wakefield


Out of Character Info:
James was played by Jonny, who now plays Haku.

Race: Galdaen Human
Class: Sorcerer
Level: 5
Age: 26
Profession: Brewster’s Guild Master Artisan, Hunting Brotherhood Member

A human in the height of his prime, James stands an average 6’. Though not imposing in any physical manner, his build is slight and athletic under his worn but elegant red robes. Most around him would note the utter sense of confidence and debonair he strides about with, and his overwhelmingly charming smile. A business man through and through(and quite happily so at that), James is quick to introduce himself, and quicker still to try and be everyone’s friend.

His apparel is refined, yet practical. The robes he wears are obviously expensive, but have been well worn and seen much travel, what was once bright red and well-threaded with symbols of his family seal have faded to a warm and more relaxed tone. He carries a simple staff of ash-wood, nothing complicated, but pays special attention to his most valuable asset; his ledger. Serving as both an impromptu journal as well as a very lengthy compilation of business acquisitions and partners, he has had and added to it since his departure from home. In addition to his traveling pack, a miniaturized still and compacted brewing kit hang from his well worn satchel. Worn proudly on each shoulder is an insignia. One is the medallion of the Hunting Brotherhood, a shining and beautiful piece of mithral made to look like a pair of crossed swords with a crossbow behind it. The other is the symbol of the Brewster’s Guild, a simple wooden affair that is the shape of a crest with a frothy mug emblazoned over it. Carved in a loving scrawl are James’ initials, J.W.

His hair and face are, to the best of his ability, immaculately kept and well-styled. A light beard traces over both his lips and chin, but is starkly absent from his cheeks and neck. His hair, kept in a tight ponytail behind his head, is a glistening copper-gold, like that of brass. His smile always kept at least diplomatic, his bright and curious green eyes gleaming with the fires of life, James makes his way through the world not by striding, but burning his path forwards.


…Resting patiently at the forefront of his ledger, before the massive amount of many-times-read business notes, daily entries, and intricately written recipes is a long accounting of James’ early life, written in his best handwriting.

Some men are born into greatness. Kingly lineage, the path of the general and his sons, the wealthy Coinlords and their kin. For others, greatness seeks them out and makes them grand. Such is my story.

Born to a middle-class Brewer and his lovely wife in the town of Algaras, my early life was filled with the toils of a merchant. I went through schooling and apprenticeship through the Brewster’s Guild of Galdaen, a fine organization that taught me all I know about brewing. My life was simple, if not a tad boring. I worked through my days and spent my nights with my friends and family in comfort and rest, studying hard in the meanwhile to pass my Artisan Exam. The exam was given to us by a dour dwarf instructor that all of us detested, despite his thorough methods of teaching. In a surprise turn of events, the exam we’d be studying for was truly a trial by fire. We were partnered up and tasked to use our knowledge to brew a unique drink that not only had a splendid taste, but also gave examples of the experiences we were trained to invoke through our craft. The best brew present would grant it’s creators a large sum of gold to start producing more, as well as securing their rank within the Artisans membership to the guild.

My partner was my best friend, Rhody Swiftriver. We worked tirelessly to create a unique blend and be not only the first but also the best of the brews present. Everything was going swimmingly until our still broke down. Despite everything we tried, it refused to light. In my anger, I struck the flint harder and harder, but before I could comprehend what I was doing, I thrust my hands forwards and lit the still with fire that resembled liquid brass. I was astounded and yet, as I cast my first spell, the feeling that possessed my heart was greater than any I had felt before. It was as if I was shaping reality, and in that moment I could do anything I put my mind to. With a joyous laugh I started heating the still more, Rhody cheering as we were back into business. We blended our best herbs, perfected the edge of the drink, and evoked an aroma most delicious from our blend.

Swiftriver Ale is now sold in Algaras as a luxury brew, and both our families continue to have their name praised and recognized more and more.

Despite my victory over the Exam, I now had a literal fire burning within me. I couldn’t let my family down, but I had to find out why I suddenly possessed the skills of the Arcane. My days and nights became a constant grind of research while not working for the Guild. I tore through volumes like a man dying of thirst tears into a wineskin, and I learned a great deal from the library of my humble mountain town… But it wasn’t enough.

So when the Brewster’s Guild had an opening in their traveling program, without a second thought I took the job. Gerald Wakefield, my biggest supporter and the best father a man could ask for, was sad to see me go but reassured me I was doing what I had to for myself. Since that day I have traveled and wandered, trying to find out the source of my power, as well as spread the lore and business of the Guild. One day, they’ll write tales of the Brewer that set out from home and became a legend. And I promise, Gerald, Rhody, everyone I care about, I intend to make sure those stories are grand indeed.

Scrawled in the same neat handwriting, as if with a great deal of pride is a sprawling signature;

James Wakefield

James Wakefield

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