Kethos Felfyre


Out of Character;
Kethos was played by Gaige, who now plays Dravak Fireheart

Kethos was a scarred, stoic Tiefling that took his duty seriously and held himself with a fiercely regimented military stance. He was never without his full plate and shield, and always had a weapon on hand ready to be used. He bore several wicked scars from being a veteran of many wars, but never outright played into the stereotypes cast on his race or abused his heritage.


Kethos was a man of few words; little more mattered to him than his duty to himself and his friends, and eventually, the Brotherhood. He told our group of adventurers that he was once a captain, but left his army for “a disagreement” with the actions of his superiors. He eventually wound up in Greenwater, seeking to join The Hunting Brotherhood and bring purpose back to his life. One of the few people to actually engage the Tiefling while he was there, James Wakefield introduced himself to Kethos and offered him a position within a group he was forming for the Brotherhood. Seeing strength in numbers and as he was going to join regardless, he took James up on his offer.

Kethos acted as the groups combat strategist, leading them through the perils of combat like a small unit within an army. Though dour and a tad too serious at times, he grew to care deeply for his friends and a loyalty he had not felt in many years grew between him and the rest of the group. Though they struggled after the death of Puck, Kethos kept the group in line after they arrived in Breaktop, and without his guidance they may not have met Solleekree and joined in the Cleric’s quest.

It was either cruel irony or his fate from the start, or perhaps both, but this quest would lead the group into the Underdark and ultimately against the vile worm Ebonfang. Struggling against several different perils at once, the group became split with Gro’mak, Boldar, and Kethos attempting to distract Ebonfang to scour the dragon’s lair to find one of the gems comprising the Eye of Rukhmar. With Gro’mak and Boldar keeping Ebonfang in hot pursuit of them, Kethos entered his lair and attempted to find the gem… But Ebonfang suddenly wheeled around and returned to his lair.

Knowing he would be making his final stand, Kethos gave a bold statement to the dragon before attacking with all his might. Though valiant in his conviction, he was no match for the great dragon alone.

The group was caught in a tempest of activity within the Underdark, and though they feared the worst for Kethos, for a time the hope that Kethos had somehow escaped into the wilderness held true. But, when the time came that the group stormed the great dragon’s lair and slew him outright, within it’s hoard they found his shield. Now, carried by Gro’mak, Kethos’ shield and the memories he left with the group are all that remains of his legacy.

Kethos Felfyre

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