Tales of the Hunting Brotherhood

The Tale Thusfar

Though the early attempts to catch up with the story were noble, we are far too forward to catch up in broken up daily posts, so to bridge the story I’ve taken the liberty of catching everyone up. When we end our current arc, I will begin writing session by session write ups again. -With love, James))

In the dim light of the tavern, a crowd gathered around an old man. With a voice sounding like his throat was filled with gravel, he continued his tale after a draw from his mug.

“And so our young band of would-be heroes continued. They dealt with the bandits and returned to the Hunting Brotherhood outpost, with their captive in-toe. The young man was handled by the guard, but with a good word from the group, he was sentenced to an attempt at reformation. With the bandits dealt with, the Brotherhood paid the lads well. Their next task loomed, but for a time they took their rest.

They were to bring the Lizardfolk of the region in line, and peacefully at that if possible. Heading deep into the swamplands, they eventually found and did battle with a hag most foul. Though they were victorious, the corruption in the area was thick. It was at the behest of the Lizardfolk that they would attempt to end the curse befouling the lands..

The old man nodded, then, his wise old head slowly canting as he did before he polished off the last of his ale in a long gulp. "Mm, boy, fetch me another. This is thirsty work, sharing the tale with you fine people. Where was I..? Ah, yes..

James, Kethos, Boldar, Puck, and Gro’mok, the Brotherhood-Intiates traveled deep into the swamp; further than any normal traveler would. At last, they found the sunken temple to the Swamp Mother. Peril and darkness awaited within, and through their bravery and strong will, they fought deep into the depthes of that forgotten place. Their final test came in the form of a corrupted avatar of the Swamp Mother, which after a challenging and tense battle they managed to defeat. Freed from the curse bestowed upon her, the Swamp Mother blessed our heroes for their actions, ending the aggressions between Lizardmen and Greenwater.

The lads then returned to Greenwater, to payment and comfort as they took a well deserved rest. The Brotherhood told them of an outpost in need of aid, far to the East in a great desert, and after some consideration the band decided to make the trip to Breaktop, the great Dwarven stronghold seated within the Breaktop Mountains.

The old man reclined back, sipping his fresh ale thoughtfully. When he continued, his tone was somber.

It would be a hard and punishing trip. The lads traveled alongside a mysterious Tiefling, but the way into the mountains was a hard climb frought with danger. When a storm reared it’s angry head and threatened to blanket the mountains, the group decided it wise to seek shelter in the hillside caves. Setting up a meager camp, James and Puck stayed to tend to the fire while the rest sought supplies and firewood nearby. Suddenly, arriving on vile wings and brandishing dark talons, harpies descended upon the cave. Though James and Puck fought with vigor, the foul creatures mortally wounded Puck. James was able to slay the beasts, but not before losing his friend. It would be a somber night in the mountains as the storm raged.

The listeners sadly murmured among themselves, and even the other tavern-goers respectfully kept their volume down as the old bard continued.

Though the rest of the trek was made in silence, all was quiet as they arrived in Breaktop. The city is…Grand. Far greater than words can tell, the product of skilled labor and a will to survive that only Dwarves can produce. Aye, the wonderous hold in the mountain offered reprieve from their travels, though the group was still taking their time to get over their loss. James would seek out the brewers of the city, while the others would settle in and find their next course of action. It was thus, that amid the busy industry of the dwarves that our companions met Solekree, a wise and powerful servant of Ra, god of the sun. His mission was dire, and though he told the group little, he was sent with them into the sprawling caverns under the city on an expedition to find lost knowledge from the dwarven ruins that rest under that great hold. The group, now Kethos, Gro’mok, Boldar, Solekree, and James made their way into the bowels of the hold, pursuing their goal with dedication befit of true members of the Brotherhood. Their quest would reveal to them a fragment of the Eye of Rhuukamar, a powerful artifact from Solekree’s homeplane. It had been in the posession of a dark dwarf- unlike the good dwarves of Breaktop, he was a foul assassin that sought to kill Solekree and return with the artifact to the depthes in which it lived. Finding the secret rift from which it came, our lads made the plunge into darkness…Into the Underdark.


Day Four: Our Journey West to Encounter the Bandits

Day Four: Our Journey West to Encounter the Bandits

Kethos, Boldar, and myself woke in the morning refreshed from our rest. We went downstairs and found Gro’mak and a Satyr that we soon discussed to be Puck. He looked just the same, at least the image of his face, but his body had hooves and fur that brought much surprise. Nonetheless, our goal today remained the same. We were to set off to defeat the scoundrels that are robbing my new Brothers of their trade.

We started out with no deviation of travel, but had found an obvious member of the bandits. Gro’mak assured us that he could handle it. An arrow, with such a length could bind three men together, was fired from his greatbow, and struck the man in his head. The crack of the impact shook us all, and the man fell without a sound. Kethos let Gro’mak know that this kill might not have been necessary, and he wished to talk to the bandits if at all possible. The broken translation of Kethos to Puck, Puck to Gro’mak seemed to have no effect on the orc’s attitude, perhaps something lost in the translation. He shrugged, and we continued into their minor fortress.

It seemed as if no one was manning the entrance, and found ourselves at the face of a dark cave, which had a guard towards the front, who had spotted us immediately and ran inside to warn whomever might be inside. We took to the cave, and awaited two warriors who could no see us, but a few of us could see them. Gro’mak line up yet another effective shot, and impaled yet another head with a tree branch of an arrow. The other screamed in terror and ran into the cave to group every one of their members.

Puck stopped the man by heating his armor so vigorously that it brought him down in burning agony. We searched the rooms before another encounter, and found our where the rest of the members were waiting. We assessed the situation and continued effectively inward. Puck and I interrogated a young man that we managed to bring to surrender, later bringing him to a more righteous path. The last of the bandits were slain, and we managed to disarm a woman who hand her own sort of magic she attempted briefly to use against us. We took her implement, and proceeded to take her as another prisoner to the Brotherhood.

Puck has an incessant desire to bed himself with any woman who is felled by his charm. This woman saw through him. I spoke with her about what type of sorcery she was attempting to conquer, but all she told me was that it was a magic that is deemed unsavory by her peers. Not much more was said before she vanished into thin air, leaving nothing behind but a ring with a cracked gem lain inside it. We were unable to follow where she might’ve gone.

This is the last of the events laden to us on this day. We take camp tonight in an abandoned encampment of carts and boxes.

Day Three: Our Journey and Initiation into the Brotherhood

Day Three: Our Journey and Initiation into the Brotherhood

Our short trek home faced no opposition. We went directly to the brotherhood administrator to present him with our success. We were introduced to Vandal, the man in charge of rewarding bounties after completion. We were awarded with a brooch that symbolized being part of the Hunting Brotherhood. This will surely prove our valor and bravery, as well as our kindhearted spirits to others questioning our motives. We were told where to seek new assignments, so we may further our role in among the Brotherhood.

We searched the board and found but two bounties that required attention. One was to seek out bandits to the west along the path to Breaktop Mountain, and the other to approach the lizard folk with a treaty. We feared with our recent encounter with them, this would be best suited by another group of diplomats. Apart from myself, perhaps Puck as well, none of us would be able to give such kinship towards them as to enact a treaty. Since this was well spoken between us, we assumed the best route would be to defeat the bandits instead.

The night was spent at the inn, where Gro’mak and Puck once again became the life of the night. I also approached the two with my own brew that I made at the inn that night with my miniature brewery. Gro’mak seemed to like that it was alcohol, and Puck had a bit more to say. I gave the innkeeper a taste as well, and I can say with much excitement that I have a new form of distribution of Wakefield Ale.

As the muse played a fair tune, and Gro’mak attempted to converse with the people of Greenwater. I cannot understand why he would bring himself to such humility. No one here seems to understand his plight nor his tongue that even Puck barely understands. May we soon find a way to discuss our tales, and bring forth a new bond of friendship.

Day Two: Our Encounter with the Brotherhood

Day Two: Our Encounter with the Brotherhood

We woke in the morning, most of us refreshed. Puck and Gro’mak seem to enjoy the night more than most beings. I enjoy the life of the party, but I cannot tell how often they may be doing this.

We gathered and headed off the the building that is administrated by the Hunting Brotherhood. We met with Grindall, a man with a specific role to assign newcomers to the guild with initiation tasks. He gave us the task of seeking out the dreaded entity that was waylaying caravans sent in and our of Greenwater.

We set our adventure towards the north, where we found each others strengths and weaknesses. Our Orc is indeed a skilled hunter. It did not take him long to find a trace of something notable. Furthermore, with the help of Boldar, they seemed to put us on track of a fight. We soon found ourselves in an area of hostile lizard folk. I do see a future in this group, as long as we can stay on the same page.

It did not take us long to realize that these creatures were not responsible for diverting the caravans. We found marks on the carts that were rotting in the marsh that proved indeed that a much larger monstrosity was at work. We found ourselves moving forth tracking something much more adverse. The creature was a troll laden in the swamp. I cast it in flames, as the rest of the of our troop brought the beast to its end. Our orc decided part of it was somehow worth taking. I imagined it may be worth bringing proof of our discovery and departure of the creature, but I did not expect it to come with us in such a manner. I will not suffer the details of my recollection, but know it may not have been necessary.

Before I fall into dreams for the night, I caught myself pondering even more what we may accomplish. This task was effortless, and I believe we may become a formidable opposition to any threat that may discover my new found friends.

Day One: My Arrival at Greenwater

Day One: Arrival at Greenwater

I have finally arrived at this quaint town here in the middle of a swamp land. My endeavors for adventure and exotic ingredients have brought me to these mostly friendly folk. Already, I have heard Tales of the recruitment occurring within the Hunting Brotherhood. They seek to entroop fellow residents to finish moderate tasks around the area.

My first night I had wandered into the Inn, and had been charmed by the muse of a lyrical Half-Elf. He played the most delightful tunes in exchange for the meager brew that the keeper had offered him. I feel I may gain his trust through my own specialties. He seems to be the kin to appreciate the craft of an ale over the quantity.

My first article was also to seek some stalwart member of the town to accompany me with my hunt. I had encountered Kethos Felfyre, a Tiefling who bore a shield and hammer. He is also not from this land, which hopefully we can discuss in further detail. I appreciate the tales of the outer lands that I have yet to journey. He felt he would be able to escort me, since this town felt rather droll to him. He also felt that I could use a guard. Seemed fair enough. I also gained the accompaniment of a Goliath by the name of Boldar. He seemed as excited as stone to journey with us to any sort of fight. His strength may prove useful as well, but I do fear his brutality may get in the way of clear thought and vision. Time will tell.

I then turned to the musician for enlightenment of the area. I learned his name was Puck Hoofdancer, and his Orkish friend Gro’mak, who I cannot understand, nor, do I fear, that he could understand me. They were also looking to join the Hunting Brotherhood, thus continuing their ever reaching journey about the realm.

Now that there was a common goal established, we boarded in for the night, and decided to continue our questioning at the Hunting Brotherhood in the morn.

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