Gro'mak Ulamaar, Clan Ulamaar


Gro’mak is an Orc, from clan Ulamaar. He is extremely strong, and agile, with a rather savage lifestyle after the end of his clan. He wields a greatbow and two scimitars. He stands at about six feet tall, weighing in at about 210. He is an extremely incharasmatic excuse for a being, leaving him very little room in conversation, unless it is about the current hunt or situation forward. He also dons a set of Brass Drake Scalemail, made by his former family of orcs, rewarded to him after many successful hunts in the mountains and caves of Cragmaw Badlands. He has a brown colored skin, and green eyes. His hair is tied up in a ponytail, with a short beard. He has no noticeable surface scars or tattoos.


I feel so alone in these lands. My clan is dwindled to just me alone, and my best friend outside of home now lies slain. I will continue with my story, until my death it will become legend.

My home was in the southern Mountain range, known as the Cragmaw Badlands. I was one of many, a proud faction of hunters, all family through the blood of Drakes we had brought to their ends. We were successful, but not rich. We had no need to trade. The mountains were rich in resources, and we had no reason to fell other parties for their spoils.

A clan of wretched orcs, known as the Cragmaw Bloodborn, lived to our west. They are the horrid stereotype that all beings are known to hate, which leave us with harsh outcomes when we approach travelers in our area. They live to destroy and take what is not theirs. They do not live like us, they behead strangers simply for the thrill of bringing blood to the lifeless soil.

While we, the strongest hunting party were out bringing down yet another drake, the Bloodborn brought their warriors to our home, and had murdered every last member of our family that we left there. They waited for us to leave before they decided to enact their plan. They knew with us home there would be no possibility of ending us all. They had hoped that the numbers branched throughout, we could be defeated. They were right.

We arrived home to the sounds of battle. Our clan was under attack, and many of our family had already been slain. We fought, and by the end of the battle, the five of our party were brought down to three, and everyone home was now deceased. We swore that the last of the Bloodborn will be slain by our arrows and swords. We knew that their numbers were nearly famished, so we decided to end their dystopian ways.

We moved west to their grounds, and saw but fifteen members of the Bloodborn left. They seemed to be preparing to head back to our lands, since not one of their members had returned home with news. We waited outside of their pass, and fired arrows down upon them. We killed five with no loss. Their Chieftain was not among them. We entered the pass, and were met by the last ten orcs, and their families.

My brothers and I felled the last of their warriors, but to end it all, it was up to myself and Kramash. We, the last of Clan Ulamaar, burned down their village, and killed all successors of the clan. Kramash entered a tent, and let out a scream. He was ambushed by the few of the women of the clan, but he fought them off, and killed them. He sustained mortal wounds, and died at the camp of the Bloodborn. I alone, finished the deed.

I am now alone, in a world where i have nothing left. I am set to wander in sorrow, without understanding from anyone in the world of my rue and woe. I cannot understand people and their common speak, and few people were capable of understanding my Orkish tongue. I traveled, drunk with despair, until I met Puck, the most faithful and understanding image of charisma this world may have ever had the pleasure to walk this earth.

He brought me to Greenwater, a town of travelers in their own, none known to prejudice, and all to understand. The people here are friendly, a device unknown to me. I cannot thank him enough for bringing me to such an understanding of the world. His friendship will always be remembered, and I dream to find a family again. A brotherhood of hunters is what we have become, and that is what we are now known to be. I lived through all of this to love this life.

Gro'mak Ulamaar, Clan Ulamaar

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