Race: Orthosian Human (Kath-Drogal Clan)
Class: Barbarian
Level: 6
Age: 34
Profession: Raider(Former), Adventurer and Monster Hunter

Standing at an impressive 6’6, Haku is a beast of a man. Spurning any amor but his thick hide and tribal tatoos, he is a mountain of muscle, scars, and years of hard living spent on Orthos. As a member of the Kath-Drogal, his back, arms, and chest are marked by long and flowing tattoos reminescent of waves, their deep blue a stark contrast against his bronze skin. Wickedly etched over the lines of ink on his back are long, vicious looking scars, obviously wounds inflicted by slaver’s hands. Every step the Barbarian takes however is confident, and it would seem he wears every scar with pride. A single burnt patch of flesh on his left shoulder would show a mark that slavers, even those from beyond his lands, know well; the mark of a slave that refuses to be broken, one not worth the struggle.

His features, as is the norm among his kind, are sharp and intimidating, not unlike a bird of prey. Though his face is impassive and devoid of emotion as he scans his surroundings, his eyes move quickly and size up the threats around him.




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