Puck Hoofdancer


Out of Character;
Puck was played by Joe, who now plays Solleekree

Puck Hoofdancer was a decadent and friendly Satyr that loved all the finer things in life, and his appearance reflected that. He was always well-groomed, but he generally kept up a facade of being a half-elf. He wore fine clothes and carried both a lute and a panflute, but carried no weapons, preferring to solve things nonviolently or, his favorite way of negating tensions, over a strong drink.


Though his extended history was never truly revealed to our adventurers, he originally haled from the Feywild before our plane. In time, he met Gro’mak Ulamaar and the two became close friends. Though an unlikely pair, their skills complimented each other well and the two essentially traveled to gain new experiences, work when they got to civilized areas, and then immediately drink up their pay before repeating the process.

This would eventually lead them to the town of Greenwater. There, the pair met James Wakefield, who became fast friends with Puck due to a shared love of ale, affluent language, and their affable personalities. When James offered them a place within the group he was gathering for the Hunting Brotherhood, Puck was all too happy to accept.

Puck did his all to contribute everything he could to the group and to the Brotherhood, and truly he was instrumental in forging a peace with the Lizardfolk and Greenwater. He was looking forward to arriving in Breaktop, but on the road ascending the mountain, a fierce storm began to brew. Seeking shelter in a cave, the group decided to try and wait it out, with James and Puck staying in the cave while the rest of the group went to go find wood and resources to help outlast the storm. He and James were discussing what they were going to do first when they arrived when suddenly they heard the alluring song of a vile foe; Harpies.

The pair resisted the pull of the song, but frantically tried to hide in the small cave as the harpies took shelter within. The two attempted to stay hidden, but the leader of the wicked quartet found Puck. A fierce battle of talon against spells ensued, but the hag leading the harpies viciously rended the satyr with both sets of her talons. He clutched at his chest, then fell to the pain. James furiously blasted the remaining harpies and desperately tried to bring Puck back, but by the time his friends returned to the cave, Puck’s spirit had left his body. The group had been traveling with a Warlock of some Fey-cast who was able to briefly allow Puck to speak through him, and with great sorrow the Satyr told his friends not to mourn him for long, as his spirit would travel home to the Feywild. He offered kind words and once more, did his all to try and help the group, even if it was his own passing he was trying to get them past. It is unknown what his spirit has done in the time since he returned to the Feywild, but his death impacted the group greatly. To this day, Gro’mak still carries the broken panflute of his once best friend.

Puck Hoofdancer

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