Hall of Fallen Heroes


“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”
― Shannon L. Alder

Here is a somber hall, one lost to time and in some place immortally forgotten. It is kept standing only by virtue of what remains within, the memories and tales of those that fell all too soon.

Breaktop/Underdark Story Arc
Puck Hoofdancer: Puck fell to harpies in the mountain passes below Breaktop. Though aided by James, there was nothing that could be done to stop the vicious creatures attack from mortally wounding the Satyr.

Kethos Felfyre: Kethos was slain by the dragon Ebonfang in the Underdark, when heroically but rashly he fled into the beast’s den to attempt to find the relic and make off with it before the wyrm returned. When cornered, he stood valiantly alone against the mighty dragon, but was quickly slain.

Great Desert Arc
Dravak Fireheart (Inactive): Though not confirmed dead, the strong paladin of Kord seemed to have fled into the desert before the events of the Maw unfolded. Whether he lives out his days without knowing the fate of his friends, or if he too fell to the darkness within the desert is unknown.

Phaeris: Phaeris helped the party in an attempt to bring his people and the Tiefling’s age-long conflict to an end, but ultimately was corrupted by a powerful dagger and mind-controlled into attacking the party. After seeing him literally kill Gro’mak(who was subsequently revived), the Hunting Brotherhood struck the elf down.

Solleekree: Soleekree was present for the fight to stop the summoning of the Lady of Shadows, but he was struck low by a dark blast of energy that completely consumed his lifeforce.

Boldar Katho-Olavi, James Wakefield, Gro’mak Ulamaar, Clan Ulamaar: Though valiantly standing against the lady, the group could not overcome the immense shadow-power of the Lady’s minions, and when she was brought into the world she easily siphoned their souls. Gro’mak was able to resist the first assault, heroically making one last attempt to save his friend and flee before the Lady teleported to him and drained his soul. Thus, the first group of heroes came to meet their end.

Return to Greenwater

Hall of Fallen Heroes

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