Gerald Wakefield


Race: Galdaen Human
Class: Warrior(Formerly)
Age: 56
Profession: Brewer, Head of the Wakefield Estate

Gerald Wakefield is a kindhearted and friendly man that was once an adventurer. In his youth, he was a renowned swordsman with several notable victories (one of which, a duel against a particularly arrogant high elf noble, is still sung about in Algaras). Upon starting his family, he decided it was time to settle down and provide for them with a safer trade. Possessing skills as a chef and with a love of brew and pipe, he decided he would learn his trade as a brewer, seeing as the Brewster’s Guild had a local academy. Ever since, his estate has grown and is now one of the fore-running sources of brew and brewcraft supplies for Algaras.

He has always put his family first, and with his wife Elise he raised three sons and a daughter, the latter of the four still living on the estate. He gave his all to being the best father he could be and founded the belief in each of them that they could go on to do great things. There’s something to be said for a father’s love for his daughter though, and Summer has had it the easiest of the four, a fact which each of her brothers constantly tease her for.

As head of the Wakefield Estate he is a busy man. Each day he processes new orders and from dawn until dusk he oversees the business of the entire estate. He is always the last one to take a break or stop for rest, the only exception being when the sun begins to set, and he looks south. His workers, feeling sorry for their kind boss, will lament for him and his worry about his sons that took up the adventuring path. Deep down Gerald knows it’s what James needed to do, but he worries immensely for both him and Justin.

Gerald Wakefield

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