Rhody Swiftriver


Race: Lightfoot Halfling
Class: Commoner
Age: 27
Profession: Master Artisan Brewer

Rhody Swiftriver is a brilliant brewer, Master Artisan rank within the Brewster’s Guild and the childhood best friend of James Wakefield. He is incredibly gifted in his craft, able to make truly delicious drinks with limited resources and often times, impromptu stills.

James and Rhody met long before their business with the Brewster’s Guild really took off, when they were children playing in the fields around Algaras. They’d often times follow Gavin Wakefield around to his supposed annoyance, but he always stuck up for the two against older kids. Most times, their imaginations would lead them around, slaying dragons and hoards of goblins. The other times they’d be getting in trouble. James was curious and jovial, but Rhody was the one that sparked the start of their adventures.

When they came of age, and both entered the Brewster’s Guild, they proved themselves and passed the Artisan Exam with flying colors by creating a drink that still is produced for the upper class in Algaras; Swiftriver Ale.

Though Rhody was sad to see James, his lifelong friend and business partner depart, he knew it’d be good for him. Nowadays Rhody continues to oversee Swiftriver Ale’s production, and is the closest partner to the Wakefield Estate within Algaras.

Rhody Swiftriver

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